To the Heights

Christianity is not a status, it's a LIFESTYLE

-Brother Anthony Freeman

Image by Jake Hills

Verso l'Alto

Together in the same journey to reach holiness

Dear Confirmation Students,

Verso l Alto! To the Heights! Hacia lo mas alto!

This is the goal. This is the reason of life, the reason FOR life. If it isn't this, then, what's the point?

This phrase is so simple, but at the same time so complex because it requires compromise and dedication. It requires commitment (a word not so very liked in this day).

Commitment takes time, patience, sacrifice and love, a whole lot of love. It's not easy, but that challenge gives us meaning, and meaning to our day to day sacrifices.

We need to UNDERSTAND that we are not of this world and that what we are meant to have goes BEYOND what we are able to see.

Verso l' Alto is a motivation to work each day to achieve the Highest Glory, because FOR GREATER GLORY we were created.

So... here it goes... Confirmation prep shouldn't feel like an obligation. It's a journey, an adventure, a trip you take in order to learn more about our Catholic faith. 

We have our individual goals and we also have our community goals, and as community we are in this together, the journey towards holiness, our Verso l' Alto goal.

Together we can reach it, but it's up to you if you're up for the journey. After all, your God given freedom is the best thing you have.

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