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Nosotros la Iglesia Católica de San José, una comunidad de creyentes en Jesucristo, guiados por el Espíritu Santo, somos llamados a promover el Evangelio de Nuestro Señor al mundo. Damos la bienvenida al extranjero, honramos a la familia y enriquecemos la vida de los fieles a través de los sacramentos y los diversos ministerios multiculturales.

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Requirements for Marriage


Congratulations on your wedding!


Matrimony is an institution protected by the State and by the Church.  The State protects the social dimension, while the Church protects the religious dimension.  Both have a right to ask certain legal requirements.



1.  Application for a marriage license

    a. You will not need a blood test.

    b. If you are a minor, you must provide proof of age with appropriate document.  

        Minors are subject to special regulations

    c. Marriage license can be purchased at, San Bernardino Hall of Records at 222 W.  

        Hospitality Lane, San Bernardino, CA 92415-0022, (855) 732-2575 or

        (909) 387-8306.

Note:  You Do not have to be married civil in order to be married in the church.  When you are married in the Church, it is both a civil and a Sacramental Marriage.  You do however need to bring the marriage license to the parish office a week before your weddings.




Couple planning to be married must Contact the office at least 6 months prior to the intended Wedding date.


You will need to turn in the following documents to the office:


1.Baptismal Certificate: You must obtain a recently dated copy of your Baptismal Certificate, this certificate cannot be older than 6 months to when you bring it in to the office. You must request this copy at the church of your Baptism, asking for a recently dated copy.


2. First Communion and Confirmation Certificates: These certificates can be the original copies or new copies.


3.Couple who is already married civilly: You will need a copy of your civil marriage together with your Sacraments Certificates.  

Have either the bride or groom been married civilly to another person?  You must let the priest or office know as soon as possible.  There is another procedure to be done.

Parish Registration: If neither the bride or groom are registered parishioners, you must obtain a letter of permission from your parish.

Marriage Retreat: Couple must attend a marriage retreat or an engagement retreat.  Parish office will give you information.  There is a fee for this. 


Until both bride and groom turn in this documents then you can make appointment with priest.  Once pre-marriage interview and testimony of freedom to marry be completed with a priest then you may reserve the date for wedding.    

Pre-marriage Interview: You will need to make an appointment with the priest for this, after you have brought all documents to the parish office.  

Affidavit to Establish Freedom to Marry; Your parents, siblings or a very close friend must come and under oath state that you are free to Mary in the Roman Catholic Church.  Each of you will need two witnesses for this.  This is normally done at the same time with the pre-marriage interview.


Schedule and Donation Fee:  A wedding mass schedules are 10am or 12:00noon if date and time are available the donation is $300 for the mass.  $100 deposit is required to save the date, only after the pre-marital interview has been done.  Choir and decoration is not included. All fee must be paid in full no later than a month before the wedding.


Witnesses:  You will need 2 witnesses.  Give names to the office at least a month in advance.   This could be your best man and maid of honor.  For the Hispanic community these are the “padrinos de velacion”.



Details of the Religious Ceremony


Choir/ Music for the Mass: It is your responsibility (parish office has a list of choirs available (fees vary by choir)).  You may have someone in your family or a mariachi.  If you do, they must know the order of the mass. 


Decoration of the church:  This in not included in the fee.  You may bring flower arrangements for the altar or pew arrangements.  Please do not use staples, tape or glue.  No candles, flower petals, rice, bubbles are permitted.


Readings:  If couple has chosen readings for the mass, you must let the office know at least a month in advance.  Please bring them in writing to the office. 



Photographers and video recording:  they must speak to the priest or coordinator before the mass.  No pictures are to be taken inside the church after the ceremony. 


Practice: This is done the Wednesday before the wedding at 7pm.  You decide who to attend the practice.  If you do not wish to have a practice, please let the office know. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK.